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Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy
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Cranio-sacral Therapy

What is it:

Cranio-sacral therapy treats the whole person. It does not focus on symptoms although it is often the symptoms that bring us for treatment initially.

It is an effective and profound treatment that uses the light touch and the deep listening of the therapist to tune in to the potency of the life force in the system.

This life force is termed the Breath of Life, in other traditions it is known as Chi. When you are unwell or stressed, when you have experienced trauma or emotional strain of any kind, if your birth was difficult or prolonged, your body and energetic rhythm will be affected.

The nature of this will vary from one person to the next and it will be expressed in different ways. For example, you may feel tired all the time, your energy sapped, or you may have headaches, difficulty thinking clearly or a tendency to contract whatever illness is going around.

Babies and young children are often victims of persistent infections, colic, constant crying and sleeplessness. Orthodox medicine can often not successfully treat these conditions.

These are the more obvious examples, but our bodies express themselves in a myriad of symptoms that at first thought one would not associate with the cause of the disturbance.

This is the task of the cranio-sacral process and by attuning to how the system is expressing itself a communication is established between patient and practitioner so that true health can be accessed.

Patients often express feeling happier, lighter, stronger, richer, deeper, more relaxed and calm.

Some symptoms disappear readily especially if they are not chronic whilst others are more persistent and take a longer time before they are released so it is difficult to say how many sessions will be required. Cranio-sacral therapy can certainly be an ongoing aspect of maintaining one’s underlying health and well-being and part of a preventative approach to illness and stress.

This treatment is beneficial and increasingly popular with people of all ages, including newborn babies and elderly people in the dying process.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy
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